L I T T L E   D I S C O - 15 months to 3 years (30 minutes duration)
A semi structured class that encourages free movement and dance where your child will learn the fine art of the D I S C O ! Your child will learn opposites such as fast/slow, up/down, left/right and simple dance moves that will develop their sense of rhythm and movement.. This class has a party atmosphere with lots of props such as shakers, hula hoops, ribbon twirling and more. Parent participation is encouraged, as you may find your child is not ready to do the 'Hokey Pokey' alone....yet.

K I D  D I S C O - 3 to 6 years of age (45 minute duration)

With a more focused approach K I D  D I S C O has the perfect balance between free creative movement and a structured dance lesson. This class aims to advance co-ordination and introduce basic dance choreography,  It follows a simple dance lesson plan with warming up, exercises and games and a D I S C O to end each class. Parents can cut loose on the dance floor or can be wallflowers if given permission by their dance partners.

NOTE: Our L I T T L E & K I D  D I S C O classes will be combined for our SCHOOL HOLIDAY sessions!